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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  November 11, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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live and in h.d. this is abc 7 news at 6:30 on your side. >> this veterans day holiday took on particular significance here in washington, d.c. >> that's right. that's because it's the 30th anniversary of the vietnam veterans memorial, and that's where we find abc 7's richard lee tonight. richard? >> well, pam, this certainly is a busy place. folks still arriving here at the vietnam veterans memorial. you may be able to see the statue way back in there. now, you may recall the design was initially controversial. now all these years later, it is a powerful connection. of love, loss, and honor. ♪ >> ♪ o say can you see ♪
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>> a day of honor. >> i can give this date in memory. >> a time of remembrance. >> veterans day is showing appreciation to each other. and probably the biggest return of the memorial. >> at a sacred place they call the wall. >> can't believe it's 30 years since we dedicated the memorial. >> on a certain weekend it draws thousands, a simple, yet poignant design, 58,261 names etched in stone. there's no rank. there's just a name. you don't even have branch of service, you know. the sacrifice is the same no matter whether you're a private or a general. >> for vietnam veterans like bill, the names are also faces from a long ago war, now receding in the distance. >> he took my place. he got killed with an r.p.g. bill is collecting rubbings of the names of fallen friends from his unit, charlie company,
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fourth battalion 23rd infantry regiment. >> so we can take our fallen brothers to the reunion each year and everybody can go through the book, look at their name, look at their picture. >> with helicopters flying above are vivid reminders. solemn ceremonies, wreaths laid, flowers placed just so. and the names so many names never forgotten. >> on the worst day of my life, they stay with me and on their worst day of their life i was there with them. it's that kind of love. >> many vietnam vets tell us they come here every year as a chance to see each other and a chance to remember absent friends on this special day. live in northwest washington, richard lee. >> president obama paid tribute to the nation's veterans at arlington national cemetery this morning. the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldiers. after the ceremony not only did the president pray the
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sacrifices of american service men and women and their families, he also talked about taking care of those vets who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. >> no veteran should have to wait months or years for the benefits that you've earned, so we will continue to attack the claims backlog. we won't let up. >> president obama also said no hug or handshake is enough to truly honor those who serve and that more must be done to express our gratitude every day. >> and earlier today people gathered at the world war ii memorial to pay tribute to those who served during america's greatest conflict. i was honored to be a part of today's ceremony honoring not only america's greatest generation but also the members who sacrificed all that they have keeping america safe. ohio congresswoman marcy kaptur were among those who spoke at today's ceremony. >> to all of our nation's veterans and their families, the freedoms we enjoy today stem from your bravery and dedication
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to our country. >> kaptur was a key lawmaker who helped get the world war ii memorial built. she first introduced legislation to build a memorial in 1987 and took six years for the legislation to pass. the memorial finally opened to the public in 2004. >> the u.s. is not the only ones remembering the service of our veterans. today canadian remembrance day is marked as well. thousands of people gathered in the capital of ottawa this morning to honor the sacrifices of their country's veterans. the crowd lined the sidewalks of dozens of vets as they marched through the city streets. remembrance day has been marked since the end of world war ii. and overseas, similar remembrances in australia. that's the prime minister julia gillard laying a wreath at the australian war memorial in camber. they paid tribute to military members honored for their
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sacrifice. britain's king george v declared december 5 remembrance in 1919 to be observed in commonwealth countries. >> and new developments in the scandal surrounding david petraeus. as is reported, a woman by the name of jill kelley is believed to be the one to notify the f.b.i. and got an email from the biographer paula broadwell. >> at the top spy master david petraeus must have known something about clandestined operations but why couldn't keep his secret affair with paula broadwell under cover. the romance unraveled in a woman in california jill kelley who was familiar with broadwell and petraeus received a training and harassing email. she notified the f.b.i. that began an investigation worried that the official email account had been compromised. the trail led back to the computer of paula broadwell.
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yet it was not compromised security. but two people in a compromising position described as, quote human drama, including intimate transbe actions. >> there had been rumors between him and paula broadwell for some time and she didn't seem the type. >> friends know her not just for her good looks but good works. >> someone as busy as she is takes the time to help somebody like me, there's not much time left for indiscretions. >> this active duty wounded warrior and double amputee. last week she was scheduled to skydive for a 40th birthday but donated her jump to bixler who was skeptical of the allegations. >> i have some serious questions about who is connecting these dots and how. >> petraeus reportedly starting the affair after leaving the army in 2011 and was the one to end it. he and his wife of 38 years, holly, can survive this. >> he is trying to put his life
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back together right now and that's what he needs to focus on. >> as for paula broadwell, this married mother of two, this message was drawn in chalk on her driveway. abc news, washington. >> a columbia, maryland, neighborhood on edge tonight following the shooting of a restaurant manager. abc 7 roz joins us now. >> we're shocked this happened and don't know if it was an attempted robbery or what the motive might have been and folks that live there say there are usually police patroling that area day and night. the shooting happened at this taco bell before 1:00 in the morning. howard county police say two men confronted the night hanger and opened fire, striking him multiple times. he was able to get back inside where two employees called for help. customers could hardly believe it. >> it's crazy for it to happen in this area.
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>> it's unbelievable. i don't know what reason they did it. >> a sign of the fast food restaurant says the drive-through is open until 4:00 in the morning and sits in a small strip mall off minstrel way. witnesses tell abc 7 the manager ran next door to the gas station to buy something and was on his way back to the restaurant when the two men apparently ambushed him. nearby businesses are telling their late shift workers to be extra cautious. >> if you are working alone, we advise to the people do not come out when you are working alone. >> in this quiet suburb it has those who live here a little bit unnerved. >> i've been here for 20 some years. and it just don't happen like that. i don't understand what's going on. >> now that manager was flown by medical vac in critical condition and police are looking for the two man who shot him. abc 7 news.
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>> thank you. we'll switch to weather now because it's not often you get temperatures in the 70's in november. >> it's a gorgeous veterans day but we're about to see some changes. let's get straight to steve >> hard to believe november 11 we cracked the 70 degree mark and it hasn't been done since october 27 but we'll take it this late date. look at temperatures outside right now. 61 degrees at dulles 67 in manassas and 63 in fredericksburg. show you satellite and radar mainly clear skies right now but the clouds are on the way. all part of a cold front that's going to bring us a big change to our forecast tomorrow night and into tuesday. before this evening, it will be clear, very comfortable, 58 to 65 degrees. coming up we'll talk about the big chill. it's on the way and how cold it will get and how long it will last. >> i like the sound of that. >> let's hope it's not too long.
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the information from the man known as the east coast rapist. what he revealed in an interview from behind bars about his alleged crimes against women. >> and an explosion in an indianapolis neighborhood. the staggering number of homes that w
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>> disturbing new information from a man accused of several rapes in a number of states including maryland and virginia. aaron thomas, known as the east coast rapist spoke to "washington post" by phone. according to the report he doesn't know why he couldn't stop attacking women and thinks of them as objects and insists he's not crazy. thomas is charged with raping a 41-year-old loudon county woman in 2001 and is expected to plead guilty for that crime this month. >> making headlines across the country, they're trying to figure out what caused a major explosion and fire in an indianapolis neighborhood. three dozen homes were damaged or destroyed. at least two people were killed.
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it took place last night. investigators suspect a gas leak but utility workers say residents usually smell gas in there's a leak and no one reported any problems. >> a woman in texas is killed this weekend trying to stop her boyfriend from driving drunk. that according to police who say the woman fell from the hood of her boyfriend's car early yesterday morning. neighbors say they heard the woman screaming for the man not to drive because he had been drinking. investigators say the man ignored her and took off out of the driveway and she was taken to the hospital but died from head injuries. her boyfriend faces manslaughter and d.w.i. charges. >> it was a much milder day but that's not the same for the days ahead. >> things will start feeling
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>> today the big story, the warm temperatures. >> i know. i liked them. >> we have right now at this hour at 6:45, 62 degrees at reagan national airport. the winds now out of the southeast at just around 6 miles per hour. we're looking at a day time high today making it up to 71 at reagan national. 11 degrees above average for this date. the record, long-standing, 78 degrees back in 1949. weatherbug network high temperatures 66 in bristow, virginia and made it up to 57. currently it's 57 in laurel and our final stop takes us to upper northwest to wtop radio after a high of 68 degrees, now cooling down to just about 61. no rain to speak of but that's going to change as we move through the next couple of days, along with the rain, the clouds, and much cooler temperatures. outside across the board in the 50's and 60's, 54 culpepper, 5 degrees southern maryland, for
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lexington park. plenty of mild air to go around. detroit, pittsburgh, charleston, asheville, all looking at temperatures now in the 60's. you don't have to head too far to the west. look at minneapolis, now 27 degrees. the story is not really the cold front but the 24-hour temperature change compared to yesterday at this time now about 40 degrees colder in minneapolis. this cold front moves our way over the next 24 hours. clouds will increase for the day tomorrow, and with the clouds the rain will start tomorrow night into early tuesday morning. by tuesday afternoon, all of this will be out of here. satellite and radar, high pressure now moved just off the coast. here's that cold front marching towards chicago at this time, dropping quite a bit of rain, nothing severe. notice the back edge of this frontal system, not a whole lot of snow. the really cold air is going to take a little bit of time to filter behind it. so any showers or rain we see in our area, no need to worry about changing over to snow as we move
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towards the tail end of this midday tuesday. future cast shows the clouds rolling in from the west tomorrow 2:00 in the afternoon our temperatures will warm, i anticipate around 65 to 70 degrees. it's not going to be a washout on tuesday. matter of fact, by tuesday afternoon clouds will clear across western maryland. temperatures are going to drop into the 40's for day time highs on wednesday. breaking the forecast down for you for the overnight, increasing clouds, 45 to 53 degrees, may see a little bit of patchy fog come early tomorrow morning, not enough to cause any travel delays, 65-70 for a day time high. there's a big cooldown, our high temperature will reach early tuesday morning and temperatures will fall from there 49 for a high on wednesday. by thursday temperatures in the lower 50's, around noon daily, check this out from the world war ii memorial presented by kim baker. from falls church. take a look at it.
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it makes you really think and remember everything they've done. >> i was out there this morning and there were several veterans there. it was a wonderful event. >> we're going to switch to sports and to soccer. exciting news from every sports avenue. >> a lot of soccer fans. united injuries hurting literally and figuratively. and week 10 in the nfl was full of high scoring games, including the
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>> and now the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> d.c. united has not lost since march. they play at home next sunday. the mls playoffs are based on aggregate goals. after a slow start, they wrap it up today. 27th minute, this was d.c.u. at a tough angle he tries the shot right off the post. there's deleon the man of this playoff season to put it away. united goes up 1-0 at the half but in the 51st minute, look out there you go. andre put it away. and then watch this on the goal line. the fourth goal in four games. houston, unbeaten at home since 2006 and win 3-1. united will have to win now by two goals to at least have a
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series on sunday. the maryland terps men's soccer team was looking for a third a.c.c. title. host of the tar heels today at the maryland soccer plex in germantown. love that facility. late second half, terps throw in the midfielder. nice goal and turn. look at this turn again. outside the boot. he beats his defender and it's deflected off the foot and goes straight into the net. 2-0, terps hold on to win 2-1 and clinch their eighth a.c.c. title. the redskins are back in action next sunday hosting the eagles at 1:00. else where in the n.f.c. east, the first place giants were in cincinnati. the first possession of the game. this is one way to get it started. andy dalton drops back and gets a good look. 75 yard to a.j. green. wide open and jumps out to a
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quick lead. it was a bad day for the giants' offense. eli goes down hard. three bengals sacked him. cincinnati wins 31-13. giants are now 6-4. meanwhile, the raiders came to town. second quarter, ray rice runs right up the middle untouched seven yards. baltimore goes up 27-10. look at john harbaugh. ecoing every fan's feeling at that moment. fourth quarter the raiders kick off. what a way to kick it off to jacoby jones. five yards he gets it. he's gone. ravens set a franchise record 55 points as they win it 55-to -- 55-20. the unbeaten falcons at the saints. chris ivory at the end breaks a couple tackles the stiff arm. he can't take this guy down. he keeps going. 56-yard touchdown run. drew brees finds his tight end jimmy graham for the 14-yard
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touchdown. graham's second t.d. of the first half. saints hold on for the win 31-27. and as we said earlier, the redskins host the eagles next week. michael vick has been taken out today with a concussion against the cowboys. we'll see what happens.
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>> all right. this is our daily i wonder for today. ken baker, falls church. this is the stars at world war ii memorial. each star represents 100 soldiers that gave their life during the war. a really cool picture. and we salute our veterans on this veterans day. look at our forecast, the outlook tomorrow, not so bad temperaturewise. get ready, the big chill is on the way. be prepared. upper 40's on wednesday.
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pamela, you can handle it. >> i'm tough. >> you'll be fine. >> we're out.
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